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Golden hourin the fieldout & about

the calm

No real sign of spring storms yet as mild weather prevents any major build-up over the ranges. But not long now before things start to heat…
October 27, 2016
4K seasons | edge of lightbrindabellasnews

4K | seasons

BRINDABELLAS | 4K update With new (slightly shorter) BRINDABELLAS footage out this week in glorious 4K the five seasonal parts summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer…
July 10, 2016
light snow - Namadgi National Parkin the fieldout & about

light snow

Light snow falling in Namadgi National Park.One of the unique things about Canberra is how close it is to some amazing mountain landscapes and…
June 26, 2016
winter duskin the fieldout & about

winter dusk

Winter dusk over the Brindabellas - north over the National Arboretum.Pinks and mauves to the north then massive colours behind Mt Coree to the west -…
June 15, 2016
autumn duskin the fieldout & about

late autumn colour

Late autumn colour over the Brindabellas.Rain and dark clouds clear to reveal blue skies and a classic orange dusk transition.Licensing | these images are available for…
May 12, 2016


Voyage is out today - this is a short section from brindabellas | part four | spring. Voyage traces the the journey of melting winter…
September 9, 2015
winter duskin the fieldout & about

winter dusk

Site scouting on Scrivener Hill - a little nippy once the sun sets but plenty of winter dusk colour over about 15 minutes. Scrivener Hill…
July 5, 2015
news shooterbrindabellas

news shooter

I was lucky enough to be asked by the good folk over at News Shooter last week to do a guest post about brindabellas…
June 21, 2015
4K previewbrindabellas

brindabellas preview

Full house last night at the National Film and Sound Archives' Arc Cinema for the preview of brindabellas - was great to see it on…
June 1, 2014