brindabellas – elements

limited edition monograph

Limited numbers still available here

The BRINDABELLAS project was originally developed to explore the possibilities of producing a feature length film comprised entirely of near-infrared footage. But, with almost two years in the field shooting the film, there were plenty of opportunities to also put together some panoramic prints of the same land and cloudscapes.

The brindabellas – elements monograph – published by PQ Blackwell  – brings together both these near-infrared panoramic prints and a range of the frames from the actual edge of light film footage.  There is also a selection of colour images captured during the 18 months of fieldwork.

– Release was originally limited to 444 only with 200 premium signed and numbered monographs available (now SOLD OUT).
– 12 x 12 inches – hard cover + dust jacket (premium only) – 180 pages.
– two versions available – premium (sold out) and regular 

NOTE | both versions are exactly the same monograph – the premium editions were simply signed and numbered (and included a copy of the film on release).

brindabellas elements
brindabellas elements

UPDATE | limited numbers of the regular edition are still available in the silver dory shop (July 2016).

In the field & behind the scenes  |  the silver dory blog

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