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commercial imaging services

professional photography | stills + motion

Conventional + full-spectrum imaging

silver dory specialises in the production of full-spectrum / near infra-red media – stills and motion. However we also provide a range of more conventional commercial / professional photographic services with an emphasis on environmental and documentary imaging – food, specialised macro and natural light photography.

4K video production + 4K, 5K and 6K stock footage

motion | silver dory can provide:

• UHD / 4K video production (up to 6K acquisition) – RED Epic-X  / Dragon-X Digital Cinema systems
• full-spectrum / near-infrared motion production (up to 6K acquisition) – modified RED Digital Cinema systems.
• post production – up to UHD / 4K (and beyond if required!)
• deliverables ranging from simple web promos to broadcast quality UHD /4K.
4, 5 and 6K stock footage – including near-infrared footage up to 6K

Professional photography

stills | silver dory can provide :

• conventional professional photography  – digital FF35 Canon & Nikon systems
• specialised full-spectrum / near-infrared photography – modified digital FF35 Canon & Nikon systems
• media optimised for applications ranging from basic web and social media through to high-end print applications
• fine-art prints

In the field & behind the scenes  |  the silver dory blog

the calm - October skies

the calm

| in the field, out & about | No Comments
No real sign of spring storms yet as mild weather prevents any major build-up over the ranges. But not long now before things start to heat...
Grevillea paradoxa

grafted gems

| australian flora, out & about | No Comments
Western Australia is the home of so many beautiful native plants - but it can be a fairly long trip from the east coast...
spring dusk | 2016

spring dusk

| in the field, out & about | No Comments
The transition from winter into spring can produce some beautiful dusk cloudscapes and sunsets over the Brindabella Ranges west of Canberra.  This year has been no...
spring orchids | 2016

spring orchids

| australian flora, documentary, in the field | No Comments
Spring orchids | blue fingers (Cyanicula caerulea) on Black Mountain. After a wet Canberra winter there are some impressive displays of orchids starting to appear...