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4K seasons | edge of lightbrindabellasnews

4K | seasons

BRINDABELLAS | 4K update With new (slightly shorter) BRINDABELLAS footage out this week in glorious 4K the five seasonal parts summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer…
July 10, 2016
Iinspire Conferencecommercial imagingnews

iinspire conference

Every Chance to Dance performance going down well!After producing several promo pieces for the Iinspire Leadership Program we also dropped into the National Convention Centre at the end…
June 1, 2016

winter | framed print sale

This winter we're having a sale on framed exhibition prints. The first batch features prints previously shown in the exhibitions Limestone (Coodradigbee, Wee Jasper 2007) and Karst Country…
July 12, 2015
AIA framenews

AIA Look Up

A couple of our karst country infrared cloudscapes ended up being used in the American Institute of Architects' 'Look Up' campaign earlier this year. Apart…
May 20, 2015
Hyundai framenews

Hyundai – Genesis – 7 Days

A small silver dory IR cloudscape cameo on the 2013 Hyundai Genesis promo campaign - only got the one clip featured (and it's upside down…
April 9, 2015