No Film School

No Film School have had a look at BRINDABELLAS | edge of light and decided that “You’ve never seen infrared like this before”… from the article:

The new documentary Brindabellas takes near-infrared photography to new places.Infrared photography has been part of cinematic storytelling for a long time, from the jungle sequences in SOY CUBA, to Hummer spots and the near death scene in Alexander, but as far as I can tell, Brindabellas, by Australian filmmaker Glen Ryan and Silver Dory Productions, is the first feature length project entirely shot with the near-infrared spectrum.

Overcoming the technical challenges to create shots of real beauty make the film’s photography tremendously impressive. Executing with that level of complication for two years—to create a feature in a spectrum we can’t see with our own eyes—takes a lot of perseverance, and the results speak for themselves. Check out the full film, now out on Vimeo. … | see the full article here

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