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Miller fluid heads and CF legs are key parts of our infrared rigs – so it’s great to see BRINDABELLAS | edge of light featured by Miller Tripods on their website this month. Portability and reliability made our Miller tripods ideal for single shooter deployment in a range of challenging conditions during the filming of BRINDABELLAS – plus the odd rapidly rising mountain stream! From the Miller website:

When Glen Ryan, owner/manager of silver dory productions, needed a setup that could stand the harsh conditions of the Canberra region of Australia to shoot the feature-length film BRINDABELLAS | edge of light, he turned to the Compass 25Sprinter II Carbon Fibre System from Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions.

BRINDABELLAS | edge of light is a meditative interplay of mountain light, air and water as these elements transform across the seasons — from clouds and mist, to rain and snow, to frost and ice — over vast expanses of forest  and sky and up close on the natural ecosystem, creeks and rivers that run through it. It was filmed in what is known as the Brindabella Range, the mountain backdrop to Australia’s capital city of Canberra that can be seen from most locations in the capital and the surrounding region. Ryan and his co-developer, James van der Moezel, head of post-production at silver dory, needed a camera support system that could handle the demanding and diverse location, as well as shooting near-infrared footage | more at

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