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4K edge of light + elements

edge of light | now available

To celebrate the official conclusion and wrapping up of the wider brindabellas project (film, book and prints) we have a couple of new versions of the film now available in the online shop. With the film we now have a very limited 4K brindabellas | edge of light available on flash drive. We had to adapt our plans for a 4K release a little due to licensing and distribution technicalities but we still have a handful of these available.

So before getting into all the package details here’s a simple outline of the range of options as they stand right now:

1. HD Vimeo on Demand – download
2. HD flash drive  (as above but less compressed)
3. HD flash drive + brindabellas – elements book (special package)
4. 4K flash drive (4096 x 2048 | 70+ Mbps) limited edition
5. 4K flash drive + brindabellas – elements (premium) book (special package)
6. Anything elsecontact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Note | brindabellas | edge of light is also available to purchase through Vimeo on Demand as an HD download.  The original five parts – summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer (returns) are also still available for rent or purchase separately via Vimeo on Demand. The HD flash drive version is pretty much the same version as the HD edge of light Vimeo download – but with less compression.

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