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By May 28, 2015 June 22nd, 2015 brindabellas
frame from the film

trailer release | May 28

It’s been a couple of years in the making but today we are going to begin rolling out our new infra-red landscape art/doco – brindabellas. Starting with this short trailer for the whole thing…

The brindabellas journey has been an interesting one – at times incredibly beautiful and inspirational …some of the things I have seen in the field I couldn’t even start to describe let alone try and  film… At other times it’s been more of a steady descent into dark obsession…

But it’s finally coming out now – with part one | summer available via Vimeo on Demand from May 28.  The other four parts (of five) will be released over June and July.

Heaps of updates on the silver dory Facebook and Twitter – plus more details on the brindabellas page.

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