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4K | seasons

BRINDABELLAS | 4K update With new (slightly shorter) BRINDABELLAS footage out this week in glorious 4K the five seasonal parts summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer…
July 10, 2016
Interface documentaryout & aboutvideos


Finishing off the last Interface studio shots today with Natalie Maras.  James is demonstrating here pretty much the worst possible way to handle a piping…
November 2, 2015
Interface documentaryvideos


Got a sneak preview of the Natalie Maras Interface exhibition pieces today while filming some pick-up shots for the short motion promo of the exhibition.  Interface…
October 31, 2015
Voyage brindabellasvideos


Voyage is out today - this is a short section from brindabellas | part four | spring. Voyage traces the the journey of melting winter…
September 9, 2015
Vice Like Grip documentaryout & about

Vice Like Grip

Shooting Vice Like Grip rocking the Redsun Studios tonight - kinda like World of Cobras meets Andy Star ...then having a playful wrestle with Mark…
September 3, 2015
Dr Possum documentary

Dr Possum – BAC

Filming Dr Possum at the Belconnen Arts Centre this afternoon for a series of short pieces we're working on about local artists. He's currently…
September 2, 2015
1080 beach in the fieldout & about

1080 beach

Site scouting back at 1080 Beach, Mystery Bay, NSW for the next infrared landscape film project to follow brindabellas.  I've photographed these coastal landscapes…
August 17, 2015
frost - crust in the fieldout & about


Unusually early start this morning to grab some frost footage for an upcoming project. Not a massive frost everywhere but some nice patches near…
August 4, 2015