Grevilleas in the rain

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Grevillea plurijuga ssp. superba

Grevillea plurijuga ssp. superba (previously just G. superba) – a WA native but survives well in more humid east coast conditions if grafted to hardier root stock.

Steady rain is limiting filming on this trip but on the plus side the dull weather is creating some nice muted colours in the garden – so time for a little macro work while waiting for the sun to come out again! Mid-summer is not really the prime season for flowering in a garden largely planted out with Australian Proteaceae (90% Grevilleas plus some choice Isopogons, Banksias and Persoonias) but there’s usually something flowering somewhere.

We are just putting together e a range of 4K stock footage featuring Australian native plants in both the wild and gardens/collections. These will be featured on our stock libraries shortly – in the meantime there is a little taste of some of this footage (Australian orchids) here.

Grevillea gordoniana – WA species with distinctive flowers (grafted).

Grevillea teretifolia – another WA species doing well in summer humidity with grafted root stock.

And when the rain finally stopped there was still time for a quick snooze in the sun …. (Canon MP-E 60mm … flower images – 105mm VR Micro Nikkor).

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