Rick Carmichael and Natalie Maras working on ‘Ancient Microcosm’.

Filming today in Murrumbateman with local artists Natalie Maras and Rick Carmichael as they worked hard to put together Natalie’s large sandstone piece ‘Ancient Microcosm’ which features a design inspired by the skeleton fork fern (Psilotum nudum).

The skeleton fork fern is a ‘primitive’ plant that has been around for millions of years – having first appeared well before the evolution of modern plants and humans – let alone the city of Sydney where it still happily grows in sandstone walls. The concept underlying the artwork is a human scale experience of these generally overlooked sculptural forms. The design is influenced by Ikebana – particularly the Ichiyo school which seeks to create original Ikebana suitable for modern lifestyles and environments.

The footage from today’s shoot will feature in several upcoming pieces featuring Natalie and her art.

Natalie Maras
Ancient Microcosm

Frames from 6K RED Dragon footage (Kipper Tie full-spectrum OLPF!)

James battling sandstone particles with the Ombre rain cover.

Gratuitous rig/food shot…

carpet to the rescue

Trying out a new carpet top flag concept …

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