Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) revisited

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storm | Gulaga / Mt Dromedary

Summer storm building behind Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) – near-infrared panorama taken while filming stock footage at Corunna NSW.

Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) rises up behind Tilba on the far southcoast of NSW and significantly influences local weather and rainfall. In summer storms often develop from the west then roll over the mountain creating stunning cloudscapes.

I’ve been photographing Gulaga and the the mountain’s varied weather for many years now – having grown up in Narooma and Corunna where it dominates the immediate visual landscape.  In fact the very first print series in my invisible landscapes project – dromedary – featured Gulaga and surrounding landscapes. This series of panoramas was shot on Kodak high speed infrared film and kicked off in 1999 with the image dromedary I – which also featured a storm rolling in from the west towards the mountain.

dromedary I (1999)

dromedary I (1999) – the first of the dromedary series prints (taken from the Narooma Bridge over the Wagonga Inlet)

The dromedary series ended up featuring 24 images of Gulaga and its dominant presence in the local landscape.  The series was called dromedary, rather than the traditional name of Gulaga, because that’s what I knew the mountain as growing up in the local area – it was usually just called ‘Drom’ or ‘the mountain’. So while the name of the mountain is Gulaga – the name I chose for my print series was dromedary.

So having photographed the mountain so many times in the past it was interesting to revisit such a familiar subject again in late 2015 with the RED IR motion rigs and chase a few summer storms.  This exact view of the mountain is one I have photographed many times over the years as it is literally  ‘just out the backdoor’ (with a short walk up a hill) from the family property at Corunna.

fire | Gulaga / Mt Dromedary

In 2009 I photographed the mountain burning from this same position as bush fires briefly threatened – but fortunately haven’t had to re-shoot anything similar since then. Hopefully the future will also only see dark clouds sweeping over the mountain rather than hot winds and ember storms.

The storm time lapse was filmed on the IR mod Epic-X – the panorama and rig shots here are from the IR mod Nikon D800. 

in the field | Gulaga / Mt Dromedary
in the field | Gulaga / Mt Dromedary

IR RED Epic-X B-cam set-up on the small Miller rig … keeping it real!

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