Kiah River

By October 21, 2015 December 10th, 2015 commercial imaging, in the field, out & about
kiah river

When Brendan from Campbell Foods Australia arranged for a few product shots of their new Tassie Salmon and Pork lines I somehow missed the memo about rugged bush walking, tiger snakes, wading across rivers, electric fences, electric fences that may or may not be intersecting with rivers (that required wading across), and dueling banjos (possible interspersed with shotgun fire) … and that was just to find the pig … which may or may not actually exist!

But all’s well that ends well – we did eventually locate the pig… who kinda took a shine to Brendan. And no silver dory shoot is ever complete without a camera rig ending up in a river – in this case to shoot Brendan’s attempt to catch the elusive Kiah River salmon. (Note: no actual pigs, salmon or tiger snakes were harmed during the production of these images)

Finally the pig showed up … looking pretty happy actually …

Brendan and the pig in a serious discussion …

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