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Exhibition prints

The prints currently in this sale were previously shown in the exhibitions Southern Man: memoirs of the NSW South Coast (Griffith Regional Gallery, Griffith, NSW, 2007).

prints | pigment on cotton rag – signed (and numbered where applicable) on the print
| no. 1 / no. 2 of limited editions (as outlined)
frames | Jarrah (all stated dimensions include the frame)

Ordering | due to the costs and complications of shipping large frames with glass these pieces are difficult to ship.  Pricing in the shop generally includes delivery to SE Australia but shipping them any further afield may require some additional organisation / discussion. To enquire about shipping options just use the form at the bottom of the page.  Or just email / ring me directly.  We can then work out delivery and invoicing from there. There’s a few more notes about the prints, ordering and delivery at the bottom of the page…

Update | Just adjusted a few details – discount vouchers can now be applied to framed print purchases. These prints are also being added to the online shop with free delivery to SE Australia only.  For shipping to other areas just send an enquiry via the form.

Glen | silver dory productions – July 2016

mystery bay | untitled (no. 13)

mystery bayuntitled (no. 13) (2004) – pigment on cotton rag (2/5) – 560 x 1040 mm (framed)
 now available in the shop

mystery bay | untitled (no. 19)

mystery bay | untitled (no. 19) (2004) – pigment on cotton rag (2/5) – 590 x 1050 mm (framed)
 now available in the shop

Exhibition prints | These framed prints have generally been shown in at least two public exhibitions – and most have also featured in a range of private showings. As a result of this transport and exhibition several of them have picked up slight marks on the rear of the frames and/or backings. These marks are not visible when the piece is hanging – and none of them affect the actual print at all.

Jarrah frames | All of the prints featured here include hand-crafted jarrah frames by New Expression.  Jarrah has been used for it’s strength and rigidity – plus it looks amazing! All frames also feature acid free mattes and backing – all prints are hinged.  The larger frames with glass include a mid-point metal brace for increased rigidity – wee jasper (2012) uses perspex rather than glass so does not have additional bracing.

Toning | All of the prints are slightly toned – so they are not black and white as such.  The toning varies slightly for each print – ranging from darker browns through to lighter orange and pinks. It is difficult to accurately replicate this exact toning online as screens can vary considerably in their contrast, brightness and colour space.  The images used here are indicative of the relative tones but on some screens may appear more saturated than the actual prints.

Viewing | If you’d prefer to see the prints in person before purchasing then this may be possible – although I’m not really looking to run a public exhibition with this sale! But if you are in Canberra and can drop in for a look then let me know and I’ll see if this can be arranged.

Ordering | these prints are now available in the shop – for delivery to SE Australia.  For other shipping requirements just use the form below.  Or just email / ring me directly.  We can then work out delivery and invoicing from there. Note : payment options for sale items (not in the shop) are generally EFT with options for cheque, cash or PayPal invoicing possible in some cases.

Pricing | The sale price is for the stated print number and current framing and is subject to change without notice. Unframed prints may be available where there are limited editions (rather than 1/1 unique pieces). Send me an enquiry if you definitely want a print but don’t want a jarrah frame and I’ll  see what might be possible.

Delivery | It is usually difficult (and expensive) to ship large pieces with frames and glass so it is often not really feasible to send these pieces overseas – or even to all locations in Australia. Canberra and southeast Australian orders are not usually an issue – I can often drop them off in person.  If you’re not sure about delivery then send me an enquiry and we can look at options.

Glen | silver dory productions – July 2016

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