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UPDATE | All 22 chapters of edge of light are now available (in 4K) for general viewing on Vimeo. We have collected them all here so they can be easily enjoyed from start to finish. The five seasonal parts summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer (returns) have also been upgraded to 4K on Vimeo on Demand for anyone looking for a slightly extended near-infrared motion experience… | more

2015 was the the International Year of Soils – so we thought we’d get into the spirit and hang out with artist Natalie Maras to film some of her beloved soil crust organisms and the art that they have inspired | more on this documentary project

silver dory provide a unique range of commercial / professional imaging servicesfrom specialised full-spectrum imaging to conventional photography and videography – including 4K / UHD video production and 4K / UHD stock footage and associated licensing |  more

In the field & behind the scenes  |  the silver dory blog

spring dusk | 2016

spring dusk

| in the field, out & about | No Comments
The transition from winter into spring can produce some beautiful dusk cloudscapes and sunsets over the Brindabella Ranges west of Canberra.  This year has been no...
spring orchids | 2016

spring orchids

| documentary, in the field, out & about | No Comments
Spring orchids | blue fingers (Cyanicula caerulea) on Black Mountain. After a wet Canberra winter there are some impressive displays of orchids starting to appear...
late winter light

late winter light

| in the field, infrared landscapes | No Comments
Coming towards the end of probably the wettest winter anyone can remember in Canberra the clouds are still rolling in - and rain and showers...
Gipsy Point Lodge

Gipsy Point

| commercial imaging, in the field, out & about | No Comments
Just spent a couple of great days on the Wilderness Coast of east Gippsland shooting stills for the Gipsy Point Lodge website rebuild project. Plenty...